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  • Windows 8 Best Practices for Optimization

    Windows 8 Optimization Disable Time-Wasting Animations: Click the Windows key and type SystemPerformanceProperties Uncheck the Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing option. (You can disable other animations to include Fade or slide menus into view and Fade or slide ToolTips into view). Pinpoint Apps Using Lots of Resources: Right-click the desktop taskbar and select Task […]

  • Windows 10 Best Practice for Optimization

    WINDOWS 10 OPTIMIZATION Below are Best Practices for Optimization the Worldwide Global Solutions recommends for all computers running Windows 10. Without these techniques, your computer will not run as fast as others. – Control feedback notifications: Click on Settings app Then Privacy Then Feedback (“Feedback & diagnostics”) Feedback frequency (Here, you can change the frequency […]

  • Windows 7 Best Practice for Optimization

    Windows 7 Optimization Windows 7 (or any other Windows OS) can be optimized through the registry. The Windows 7 registry can be accessed via the command prompt by entering regedit. Regedit allows you to add or remove entries within the operating system. Be careful when you are there as any changes to the registry can […]